Why You Can’t Afford An Apartment or A Home In San Diego?

What has become important to many local politicians is not the actual construction of new homes, but instead what extra fees they can layer onto residential projects to try and solve every societal challenge. Some of these regulations are well-meaning but the results have been disastrous. Very little of the housing our region desperately needs is built because it takes too long and costs too much.

The reality is government fees account for 40% (Point Loma Nazarene Study) – almost half – of the costs of a new home in San Diego. In 1970 it was less than 10%. A regulatory process equal to almost half of the actual cost of construction is flawed. Our elected leaders are failing the citizens of San Diego County and making our housing crisis worse. It should not take city hall 3½ years – which is common – to approve a project to build 10 housing units in a downtown urban in-fill area.

Too many people are not able to purchase or rent a home anywhere in San Diego County because of the regulatory structure our elected officials have created. It prevents the construction of new housing everywhere in the county.

If San Diego wants a robust housing market with housing for you, your children, and your grandchildren, our elected officials must cut the red tape. They hold the keys, and they can put more keys in the hands of families if they want to.

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