Housing Action Package 2.0

Mayor Todd Gloria just signed into law Housing Action Plan 2.0. There is a lot in there, but what parts really help our industry build more housing, and do it more quickly. Following are some of the highlights we thought you would like to know about.

  • DIF – Development Impact Fees are waived for units less than 500 square feet and for units that include at least 3 bedrooms, this is big
  • Eases parking requirements for ADU’s and JADU’s and clarifies setbacks in residential zones
  • Student Housing will be more streamlined, and easier to locate
  • Credit for building parks on site
  • Floor Area Ratio bonus when affordable housing is included
  • Incentives in exchange for Affordable Dwelling Units
  • Ability to locate Affordable units off site – separate from the market rate, increasing the overall units allowed to be built, this is big
  • Waiver of existing FAR if you build two and three bedroom units in the project

There are many other issues included, encourages SRO units to help alleviate homelessness, turning underutilized strip malls into homes, non-conforming uses are incentivized to transition. Lots of encouragement to get housing built.

We will continue to push to streamline the regulatory environment. We will show the city where time can be saved and how to do it.

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