About BIA

UT San Diego

The Building Industry Association of San Diego County is your ADVOCATE, LEADER and a valuable industry RESOURCE. We represent the 600 member firms and their 100,000 employees who earn their livelihood in the residential and commercial building/development industries.


» We Are Your Advocate

BIA lobbies against excess government regulation and policies that make it harder or more expensive to build in the region. We also advance positive legislative solutions built around the private sector expertise of our members.



» We Are Your Leader

BIA advances the need for housing and places of business, and informs the media and civic leaders of the many ways your industry contributes positively to society.



» We Are Your Resource

BIA creates solid networking opportunities that will help you grow your business. We provide members with the latest industry news, market information, and publications to keep you informed on the latest industry trends. BIA’s member benefit programs and services have been developed to ensure your continued growth and success.

About BIA


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